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Accolades & Awards

Our sessions in Hypnosis, Reiki, and Meditation are aimed at enabling you to achieve the right balance in life - in mind, body, and spirit. Our main endeavor is toward enabling you to seek valuable tools in which we are proficient and utilize them fully in your quest for physical wellness, mental calm, and spiritual growth.


Winning the Cary Business Excellence award five years in a row is a testimony to our dedication toward providing you with a first-class wellness service. We thank all our clients for making this a success. 

Shared below are a few really nice things some of you said about your experiences here at the Empower Hypnotics and Wellness Center.

Best Small Business Cary Award for Empower Hypnotics and Wellness Center

Empower Hypnotics and Wellness Center has been awarded
the 2019 Best Businesses of Cary (Naturopathic/Holistic)
by the Best Businesses of Cary Award Program
for the fifth year in a row.

Each year, the Program identifies companies that they
believe have achieved exceptional marketing success
in their local community and business category. 

These local companies enhance the positive image
of small business through service to their customers and community.  
These exceptional companies help make Cary a great place to live, work, and play. Various sources
of information are gathered and analyzed to choose
the winners in each category.


The Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity.
Winners are determined based on the information gathered, 
both internally by the Best Businesses of Cary Award Program and data provided by third parties.

Swinging Pocket Watch

Smith Primm

I had a Hypnotic Regression Therapy with Nirmala and It was Awesome!! I was alert the entire session as she led me through a relaxing dialogue then stepped me back in this lifetime and then further back beyond birth. I can still see vividly the points in time where I have lived and what was happening then. It was so beneficial to begin to get a glimpse of who I was in past lives. I am still reviewing the information and have increased my overall awareness of who I am and where I can go in this life. Thank You, Nirmala!

Female Hypnotherapy Patient


I have been honored to be Nirmala's first client. She is a beautiful lady in and out and a great friend. She is also one AMAZING woman! My session with her was amazing! It gave me a lot of input in what I need to do to succeed and being happy. It showed me that I needed to get back into school to finish my degree and how I would be married to the guy I love in a couple years. After the session I felt relieved and extremely happy because I knew what I had to do to be successful and happy. I can't thank her enough for helping me open up my eyes and mind in finding out what I needed to do for myself.


Gina Spallone

My first past life regression session was amazing. I had a truly great experience, I was a little nervous, but Nirmala was thorough in explaining what will happen during the session and her voice guiding you is so angelic, you are really in the hands of an angel! I am going back for more sessions.

Fortune Telling Cards


I had a card reading from Empower Hypnotics, the reading touched on so many things going on in my life. I was very surprised. The reading helped me see the path I need to take at this point in my life for the future



Nirmala is an awesome and caring person. I was in lot of pain and feeling really bad about myself. I desperately felt I needed answers about what was going on in my life. I went to Nirmala and she helped me to see the spiritual side of what was going on in my life. She did an Angel Oracle reading for me which answered all my questions.The situation I did not believe happened for me. Her readings are accurate and healing. She is an awesome healer. She takes time to really help you by listening to the angels and ascended masters to make sure you get a quality reading

Image by Sage Friedman

Purva K

Exactly what I needed! I have connected with Nirmala in 2015, and after that, I have so many sessions of guided meditations, Akashic Record readings, Reiki, and so on. Her meditation sessions are very powerful, I have had so many amazing experiences of astral travels, connecting with angels, etc. Now am on the path of my life purpose because of her guidance and mediations. Thank you so much for the meditations, the sessions were very relaxing, I felt very comforted and the guided meditation was exactly what I needed. Definitely would recommend it!


Sue O

Nirmala radiates such a joyful and peaceful persona. I was very impressed with her knowledge, compassion, and empathy for others. I am a “Type A Personality” and had some sessions with Nirmala to work on some of my issues with relaxation and control. I had never been hypnotized and was a little doubtful, but I am very glad that I did decide to work with her. She gave me techniques that I continue to use to help myself. She loves what she does and cares about helping others to achieve their goals. I recommend her services and would not hesitate to contact her for future sessions if I feel the need..

Browsing Records

Pallavi Chaubey

When I first met Nirmala, I had absolutely no idea about angel card reading. I was intrigued by her knowledge and as she started talking, I was blown away at how much sense her words made. She had answers for all my questions, thoughts, doubts, fears and the very purpose of this birth! Love, peace and happiness flowed through the entire session. Angels are always around us to guide, help and protect us. I now strongly believe that her coming all the way from the US and our meeting by chance in London was also a plan made up above! Thank you, Nirmala for an awesome experience.

Healing Touch Therapy_1


I went to Empower Hypnotics for Reiki, it was very relaxing. I truly enjoyed it and plan on going back again soon...

Art Display


I got in touch with Nirmala as if it was all planned by nature. A seeker meets a healer when the time is right I guess. I was glad to get in touch with her and made an appointment soon after. I did not know what to expect but I was certain I need some healing help. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, she had done past life regression on me and it was completely an out-of-this-world experience for me. Throughout the session I learnt many relevant things about my past life and how that is affecting my present life. All along, I felt very safe with Nirmala beside me, guiding me through the regression. I would certainly recommend anyone who is looking for some healing and counseling to get in touch with Nirmala. She is very grounded, easy to talk to and will work with you on your problems...

Image by Lina Trochez


My sessions with Nirmala have been life-changing. She helped me with goal achievement. The Reiki session helped me a clear lot of energy blocks. She is a very experienced counselor, energy healer, therapist, and Reiki master. Her session helped me release many mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks. I highly recommend her for reiki classes, chakra balancing sessions. 

Image by Diego PH


Nirmala is a great teacher and master for Reiki and if you are looking for the best results, I would recommend Nirmala. I had a bad experience with people‘s energy rubbing on me and Nirmala could fix it. I am so thankful for Nirmala for helping bring harmony and balance in my life and clear mental and emotional blocks. She helped me manifest a life full of opportunities. She helped me with goal achievement sessions. 

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