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What is Meditation?


A translation for the Sanskrit word dhyāna in Hinduism and Buddhism, which means to 'contemplate,' meditation is derived from the Latin Meditatio, meaning 'to think, devise, ponder.' Tibetan Gom means becoming familiar with one's self and training the mind to increase concentration, compassion, patience, understanding, humility, and perseverance.

One of the most ancient wellness practices known to humans, meditation involves being in a silent and reflective state of mind and achieving an altered state of calm awareness and inspired intuition, by focusing on a single object/thought or breathing pattern.


According to some scholars, meditation contributed to the final biological evolution of human beings by providing them with the capacity for focused attention. One of the earliest references to meditation is found in the Gayatri Mantra, a Sanskrit Hindu prayer in Rigveda. Meditation was widely practiced in the 6th-5th centuries BC in China and India.


It is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness either for physical and mental wellbeing - to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force, and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.

Meditation is a form of physical relaxation, unconsciousness-resembling state of mind where we try to block out distracting noises in the physical environment but can focus with a high concentration on the stream of thoughts that may reveal the cause for our illnesses and initiate the process of healing. Meditation requires self-regulating and clearing our minds to help overcome anxiety, regulate blood pressure, improve circulation, fight diseases and ailments.


At Empower, we offer guided mindfulness meditation sessions. Mindful meditation, which evolved from the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979, and is increasingly being adopted in the West, is a "moment to moment non-judgmental awareness."

This type of meditation has been scientifically proven to shift human capacity to use the right prefrontal cortex instead of the left prefrontal cortex, thereby increasing our ability to realize a state of happiness, relaxation, and emotional balance.  

Mindfulness meditation is a type of mediation that involves focusing on your mind on the present. To be mindful is to be aware of your thoughts and actions in the present, without judging. It may be an effective solution for physical healing, emotional rebalancing, mental clarity and training, and spiritual awareness and connection. Mindfulness meditation is also called Awareness Meditation. When you focus on your breathing pattern, your mind automatically becomes empty and paves the way for cosmic energy to flow into your being and focus on the present moment. When cosmic energy flows into your body, it may heal, and the additional energy from the universe may help you slow down energy wastage and induce more relaxation.

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Meditation by the Beach

Key Benefits

Meditation is a process to help calm the mind and gain cosmic energy.*

Increasingly people all over the world are using mindful meditation to discover a multitude of health benefits. These benefits include:*

* Improvement in mood and decrease in stress
* Overcoming depression and anxiety
* Increasing immunity and fertility
* Achieving emotional balance
* Lowering blood pressure
* Managing and overcoming pain
* Sleeping better with increased calmness
* Improving memory, creativity, and IQ
* Decreasing the risk of heart disease
* Overcoming substance abuse
* Slowing the aging process
* Finding true happiness and inner peace 
* Discovering spiritual path
* Achieving goals successfully



Mindful meditation may help you:

* Achieving mental stability and harmony

* Finding inner peace and calm
* Improving physical and mental health 
* Providing greater clarity of thought

* Helping discover life purpose
* Setting out on a spiritual path

* Achieving life goals 

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Your Therapist

Nirmala M, founder-therapist of Empower Hypnotics, is an expert at Mindful meditation.

She offers advanced Mindful meditation sessions at Empower Hypnotics and Wellness Center. You can register for these sessions and learn mindful meditation for health improvement.

Nirmala's passion is to empower people with the benefits of meditation, which she personally experienced in her life.

Through the hard path of self-discovery, Nirmala figured that her dream and purpose in life was to practice alternate wellness systems and extend its benefits to people seeking true wellness.

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