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What is Hypnosis?

The word 'hypnosis' derives from the Greek word Hypnos which means sleep. The earliest form of hypnosis was "Neuro-hypnotism" (or nervous sleep) practiced by the Scottish surgeon James Braid around 1841, a variation of Mesmerism practiced by Franz Mesmer and his followers.

Only recently has hypnotherapy gained popularity as an alternative healing and wellness methodology done by certified practitioners. 


Hypnotherapy is a healing process in which you are induced into a guided state of the deep, alert, and highly focused state of mind. Hypnosis is a trance-like state of relaxation, heightened focus and concentration, induced by a trained certified therapist to access your subconscious mind.

It is a form of physical relaxation and unconsciousness-resembling state of mind where you are able to block out distracting noises in the physical environment around you but are able to focus with a high concentration on the certain stream of thoughts that may be the cause and may even be the solution for your problems and illnesses.

Hypnotherapy is based on the belief that we are empowered individuals, and can resolve our problems by accessing our subconscious mind that has an infinite capacity to perceive and communicate at multiple levels.


Hypnosis may enable us to understand and take responsibility for the choices we make, providing the freedom to change and make healthier and happier life choices.


When the right therapeutic hypnotic techniques are used, we may attain rapid changes. Stress, fears, phobias, bad habits, depression, and a variety of physical illnesses and mental ailments may be cured and healed.

At Empower Hypnotics and Wellness Center, we can try and help you access your subconscious mind, thereby, may find the causes for problems arising from stress, fears, phobias, bad habits, and depression. We specialize in Transpersonal Hypnosis and Regression Hypnosis for Personal Growth and Transformation, and Past Life Regression Therapy.

Each session is transpersonal, client-centered, and custom-designed to address your goals while you may discover your own healing abilities through the power of your mind. These sessions help guide you to your own wisdom in an attempt to resolve your problems and issues.*

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Key Benefits

Hypnotherapy may immensely help in resolving physical ailments and mental problems.*

With hypnotherapy, you may:

* Lessen Anxiety, Manage Stress, Overcome Depression
* Lose Weight, Increase Physical Fitness and Performance
* Improve Mental Abilities, Focus and Concentration 

* Reduce Anxiety and Learning Disorders
* Conquer Phobias, Overcome Fears
* Rectify Sleep Disorders and Allergies
* Increase Self-Image and Interpersonal Communication
* Quit Smoking, Habits, Behaviors, Abuse, and Addictions
* Relieve Pain, Find Peace
* Discover Life Path and Achieve Goals.*







It may be a viable and effective solution for:


* Physical healing
* Emotional-rebalancing
* Mental clarity and training
* Spiritual awareness and connection.*

Hypnotizing Patient

Your Therapist

Nirmala M, founder-therapist of Empower Hypnotics, specializes in Transpersonal Hypnosis and Regression Hypnosis for Personal Growth and Transformation.

She is a Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist from The International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

She received her training from Bryn Blankinship, CMHt, a founding board member of The Newton Institute and International Instructor of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy through the Michael Newton Institute™.

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