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6 Daily Practices to Help You Manifest Abundance in Life

The universe is governed by natural laws, its most powerful being the Force of Attraction. The law of attraction is the law of love. The positive force of love can create anything you want and that power of love is inside you. Love is the cause of all good things in your life. Lack of love is the cause of all negative things in life.

Harnessing the Forces of Love

Our universe is governed by natural laws - the law of attraction is one of the most powerful forces of nature binding everything from the greatest to the smallest.

The force of attraction operates through all animals here on the earth - the fish in all the oceans, and all the birds in the sky, all the animals on the land - leading them to multiply and form herds, schools, and flocks. The forces of gravity hold all animals, people, plants, and minerals on this planet. The force of attraction is what draws people of the same interests, places objects, arts, science, opinion, feelings, ideas to each other.

The law of attraction is the law of love.

The positive force of love can create anything you want and that power of love is inside you. Love is the cause of all good things in your life. Lack of love is the cause of all negative things in life. Feelings are creation. Feelings can be positive and negative. The positive feelings are love, joy, hope, peace, inspiration, enthusiasm, excitement, gratitude, compassion. Negative feelings include fear, guilt, shame, doubt, boredom, anger, frustration, criticism, dislike, disappointment.

So when you are feeling good, you are attracting all good things, people, events, circumstances in life. Every good feeling unites you with the force of love, because love is the source of all good things. You can harness the power of a good feeling to the fullest by turning up its volume.

To turn up the volume of a feeling, take charge of it and deliberately intensify it so you feel as good as you can. When you intensify the feeling of passion or excitement, you are feeling your desire deeply. This deeper feeling and intensity of good feelings mean amplified love given to your desire, which results in receiving back in your life nothing short of spectacular.

Every day single out each thing, place, person, and circumstance, and event you love and tell the law of attraction how much you love the blessings in your life. The universe multiplies the blessings as you give more love, appreciation, and gratitude in life.

Vibration scale and how it decides the true nature of life.

Energy vibrates as a scale and it operates on the discovery that each human emotion has a vibration in the same way that matter does.

So vibrational frequency of every thought, feeling, emotion, word, object, place can be measured. If your energetic frequency is low, you will be attracting to your life disruptions and difficulties. But if you shift your vibration and frequency to higher levels you will start attracting a life that serves you and is aligned with your true whole self and suddenly your relationships improve, your money situation improves, career and life purpose becomes fulfilling.

6 Strategies / Daily practices

1) Meditation

Meditation has been proven to be beneficial for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. And as we all know, when you feel good, you attract more goodness into your life. Considering the “like attracts like” rule, it really comes as no surprise that manifestation and meditation would go hand in hand.

The act of Meditation is all about centering your focus to release from the persistent mind chatter and outward energy that controls so much of life. Most people choose to center their attention on their breathing, an image, or a particular sound to reach this Zen-like state.

When you meditate the cosmic light enters your body and releases all energy blocks to manifestation on all layers of the energy field. Mediation like hypnosis provides us deep relaxation both physical and mental thereby helping us to drift deeper into a trance state to explore the possibilities of healing and change.

2) Visualization

Visualization is about allowing thoughts, ideas, goals, etc. to emerge as mental, inner images in the mind's eye. Visualization works because the brain cannot determine whether something is really seen, in other words, viewed in the real world, or whether it is just imagined. Therefore you can 'trick' your subconscious mind and show it a self-designed, self-created reality and thereby anchor this 'new' reality into your subconscious mind.

Reprogramming the subconscious is a very important step in manifesting especially when it comes to breaking old belief patterns. To manifest your dreams, it takes action. But to provoke inspired action, it is important that your subconscious clearly has your dream in mind. And visualization is the perfect tool for that. Your mind has the incredible ability to create your reality, and visualization is key to creating it.

Our thoughts, like everything in our lives, consist of energy. When you send this energy to the universe, you attract similar energetic vibrations. And the great thing is, with visualizations you can clearly control what you want to send out. During visualization, involve all five senses: smell, sense, touch, feel, sight, hearing, and vision. The more vivid the imagery the clearer the message to the subconscious mind.

3) Affirmations

As we know our subconscious mind is listening to every word we speak and registers every thought and belief we form. It is always a great idea to speak and focus on positive ideas and expressions. This is how we can deliberately say, think and feel positive in life, thereby creating our reality.

When deciding on your affirmations, ask yourself what you want to manifest in your life. Create affirmations to attract that energy.

* If you want to focus on career and money, target your affirmations towards abundance, success, opportunities, and growth.

* If you want to work on self-confidence and happiness, focus on affirmations that promote joy, love, and self-esteem.

* If you like crafting projects, purchase card stock, art supplies, and create your own affirmation cards.

* If you’re not sure where to begin, you can find affirmations online or in self-improvement books. Artistic, pre-made affirmation cards are widely available, too.

Whatever your choice, keep your affirmations visible each day. I like to tape affirmations to my bathroom mirror, in my office space, and in my bedroom. For the best results, it’s important to repeat your affirmations aloud a few times each day. Allow your chosen words to resonate deep within your soul.

Some of my favorite affirmations

* I am free, loved, and protected.

* My loved ones are free, loved, and protected.

* My path to joy and abundance is clear.

* I see blessings in each moment.

* I am confident, skilled, and capable.

* I am creating the life of my dreams.

* My career is expanding and thriving.

* My relationships are nourished and peaceful.

* I am full of health and energy.

* I rejoice in all of my opportunities.

* I am balanced and serene.

* My thoughts are calm and focused.

* I radiate and manifest abundance and love to all beings.


Affirmations take advantage of the limitless possibilities in the belief in yourself. Your thinking is the only thing you need to change for this part of your self-care program. Be patient and open-minded. It can take a while to establish new thinking patterns and experience changes, but it will happen. Stay the course. Using positive affirmations can improve virtually every area of your life.

5) Vision Board

A picture is worth a thousand words. This saying explains how images and pictures are a great way of talking to the subconscious. Our subconscious mind loves messages in the form of pictures and movies. Vision is a very powerful way of communicating to the subconscious mind. This fact makes imagination and vision boards a powerful tool of manifestation.

Your vision board is a visualization of everything you want to be, do, and have in the future. It’s your blank canvas to post images, quotes, affirmations, and drawings of anything you want to create in your life. Manifesting is, therefore, the ultimate goal of the vision board.

Follow the steps below to create your own Vision Board:

Step 1: Connect to Your Vision: Meditate, daydream, or journal about all the things you want to be, do, or have, and don’t forget to consider the multiple dimensions of your life as well. Imagine your ideal career, relationship, house, car, community, body, and so on. The more specific you can be, the better! You want to be in a good headspace when you sit down to make your vision board, play music, have crystals around anything that gives you focus and joy about creating your dream board.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials: Sometimes it’s fun to flip through magazines and cut out images and words that call to you. It’s a lot easier to search online for a pile of cash to represent abundance and then print it out than it is to count on your magazine collection to contain that specific image. Once you’ve gathered your collage of images and pictures that represent you, you’ll also need a bulletin board, poster board, or several pieces of paper, scissors, and glue or tape to start making your creative visualization board. Sidebar: If you don’t consider yourself particularly crafty, and would rather create a digital vision board, Pinterest or other forms of social media can be a great way to collect and display images that light you up.

Step 3: Display It: Once you’ve made your vision board, it’s important to hang it in view—maybe on the inside of your closet door or your refrigerator. Don’t feel like you need to stare at it 24/7, but it does need to appear in a place where you will encounter it every day for it to remind you of your goals and to be a source of motivation to keep working towards, and ultimately, accomplish them. But keep it in your consciousness, stay focused on it, and you’re sure to see results much more quickly. Some people like to make smaller vision boards that they can take with them. You can put it on or in your journal or daily planner. If you are a student, you can slide it into the plastic cover of your three-ring binder. Or if it’s digital, you can make it the desktop picture on your computer, or the wallpaper photo on your smartphone. This will help you stay motivated and remind you to spend time working towards the things you want.

Step 4: Let the Universe Do Its Thing: Once you’ve clarified your vision and made your vision board, your job is simply to look at it often, and trust that the Universe will provide you with the opportunities to manifest everything you truly desire. Hold these images in your awareness regularly, and say “Yes!” when opportunities present themselves to make your dreams come to life. As you come up with new ideas and inspirations, feel free to add to them at any time. Your vision board should be a flexible and fluid representation of your desires as they shift and morph throughout your life. In fact, it’s recommended that you create a completely new vision board every 6 to 12 months to be sure it’s current, inspiring, and up-to-date with your values and priorities. Have fun, be open and willing, and see what happens! The Universe might just surprise you.

6) Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals help you utilize the Law of Attraction to bring about more positive opportunities and circumstances into your life. How does this work? Well, the Law of Attraction states that like energy attracts. What we think about, we bring about. What we focus on and hold in our consciousness is magnetically drawn toward us, bit by bit, as the universe brings experience into being.

When we write in a gratitude journal, we are affirming the positive experiences in our lives. We’re celebrating the best that surrounds us, and when we focus on what we’re thankful for, we create more opportunities in the future to be thankful.

By focusing on the good things in our lives, we become more attuned to noticing what’s around us. We begin to see the world through a different lens. Instead of focusing on what we want or don’t have, we learn to appreciate what already is.

This promotes self-awareness, empathy, and mindfulness. We are no longer trying to constantly escape the present moment into a projection of the future where we have more because we already have more! By tuning in to a more grateful mindset, we are celebrating the present, realizing we already have full, rich, whole lives, here and now.

You could write 10 things you are grateful for every day. List all the blessings in all areas of life, love, wealth, finances, career, work, life purpose, and health. Using positive words expressing gratitude.

For example: "Thank you, thank you, thank you, universe for I am happy and grateful that my children are healthy, wealthy, wise, gifted, and happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you universe I am happy and grateful that I am healthy, happy, wealthy, gifted, and wise.

Feeling gratitude as you write and say these words aloud or in your mind is very important as a feeling is creation."

Suggested Reading: Top 5 books on Law of Attraction

1. Secret (the power ) by Rhonda Byrne

2. Magic by Rhonda Byrne

3. The Secret Law of Attraction - Master the Power of Intention by Katherine Hurst

4. Wealth Beyond Reason (Mastering Law of Attraction) by Bob Doyle

5. The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne dyer

6. Ask and It Is Given Learning to Manifest by Ester Hicks

7. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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