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10 Benefits of Past Life Regression (PLR) Wellness Therapy

Our past lives are said to hold an immense wealth of ancient memories. A PLR session aims to tap this wisdom to reveal insights that may positively alter our current lives.

PLR may prove beneficial in:

* Knowing past life traumas to resolve present life crises

* Finding out how our soul learnings from previous lives connect to our present life and feeling more joyful and peaceful

* Getting rid of phobias and anxieties

* Approaching relationships differently, reuniting with soul-mates from previous lives, resolving relationship issues

* Overcoming the fear of death.

PLR, thus, helps us gain knowledge of how we lived in previous lives and enables us to overcome obstacles to being happy.

Nowadays, PLR is also being applied to focus on positive experiences and not just traumatic or troubling memories.

This latest trend in PLR helps us:

* Tap into our strengths and achievements of past lifetimes that is useful in increasing confidence and

effectiveness of the present life.

* Feel good again and find a renewed sense of balance and peace in difficult times and crises.

* Find direction and life purpose by knowing what are our life lessons

* Be comforted by the knowledge tha the people surrounding us are connected beyond present life

* Gain spiritual wisdom and guidance that helps us progress in our current life. *.

Experts practicing Past-Life Regression Therapy have traditionally used it in cases of:

* Prolonged troubling behavior and attitude that persists despite attempts to change

* Uncontrolled relationship dynamics that such as intense attraction or hatred toward another person

* Disturbing phobias and intense fears, such as fear of heights or fear of water, that are not unrelated to experiences of the current life

* Unexplained chronic physical ailments, sensations and pain.*

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