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Fact of the Grey Matter: Hypnotherapy for Health & Wellness

We all have the ability to resolve problems resulting from our choices, by simply accessing our subconscious mind that has an infinite ability to perceive and communicate at multiple levels.

Each and every one of us has a unique presence, quality, energy and set of experiences and life paths. It’s a fascinating process that allows us to make either healthier and happier, or just the opposite, choices in our lives. We all have the ability to resolve problems resulting from our choices, by simply accessing our subconscious mind that has an infinite ability to perceive and communicate at multiple levels.

While the conscious mind manages rules and logic, the unconscious mind stores long-term memory, memories of trauma, emotional and physical repressed memories, thought patterns and habits, desires, core beliefs, feelings and emotions which trigger behavior / reactions at the conscious level. The unconscious mind has the power to bring about desired change that can be imagined and envisioned when the mind is in a high concentration and focused state.

One such technique to get the mind into a trance-like focused state is Hypnosis, which is increasingly gaining acceptance as a safe and powerful method of making mind-body connections.

Hypnosis helps us reach the subconscious and unconscious mind to explore the sources of our problems and bring about profound changes. It allows us to take responsibility for the choices we make, and provides the freedom for change.

There are four levels of activity of mind:

* Beta: a complete conscious mind state where body functions are monitored and includes conscious thought.

* Alpha: the subconscious mind, the level which crosses over into sleep and meditation.

* Theta: the state of the unconscious mind that functions in light sleep. One is unawake and unaware in a deep

meditation, a state tapped during past life regressions.

* Delta: the deepest sleep state where the unconscious mind gets the greatest amount of rest and no suggestions

are heard.

Hypnotherapy is rapidly gaining acceptance world-over as a viable, expeditious and effective solution for complete physical healing, emotional-rebalancing, mental clarity and training, and spiritual awareness and connection.

Hypnosis can help achieve a deep state of relaxation and heightened awareness. In this altered state, you can see, feel and experience many images and impressions that lead to healing and change for the better. This is a state where are open to suggestion, relaxation and imagination.

With the use of interactive guided imagery and power of suggestion, as certified therapists, we can query the subconscious mind to find the real source of the problem and find lasting solutions.

Contrary to the popular belief that hypnosis is a magical sleep state where one is not in control of one's own self, Hypnosis has been proven to be a state of highly alert inward attention and this focused concentration helps you gain more control over your lives.

Hypnosis is used to better understand underlying motivations for emotional and behavioral difficulties. It provides a safe and secure method to examine the root of all problems, explore promising alternatives and make healthier choices.

Various physical problems and mental issues can be resolved through hypnosis, and these include, addictions, allergies, anxiety, phobias, stress management, post-traumatic stress, depression, sports performance, smoking cessation, obesity and eight management, sleep disorders, stress related high blood pressure, self-image, sexual-dysfunctions, concentration, test anxiety and learning disorders, interpersonal communications, fitness, marriage and family issues, undesirable behaviors and habits and abuse. Recent medical applications include pain relief.

Hypnosis is most effective when you are motivated to change. In a trance state, experienced hypnotherapists can help tap into the power of unconscious mind using this alternate wellness method.

At Empower Wellness, we guide you into deeply relaxed trance-like state of mind and help you resolve problems by tapping into the sub-conscious and super-conscious to bring about profound change for the better.

Our aim is to help you discover and resolve a variety of problems through hypnotherapy; problems such as:

* Alleviating Stress and Anxiety

* Overcoming Fears and Phobias

* Quitting Smoking and Other Addictions

* Losing Weight

* Managing Pain Better

* Discovering Life Purpose

* Achieving Goals

* Exploring Spirituality

For Detailed Information on these Benefits of Hypnotherapy:

Interested in knowing how Hypnotherapy can help you?


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