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Stress may be the norm nowadays. But, you don't have to suffer anymore. Time to lessen anxiety, and achieve a sense of calm.

Hypnosis can be very therapeutic for overall physical healing, emotional re-balancing, mental clarity and spiritual awareness.

Get your wellness back.


"After my session I felt relieved and extremely happy because I knew what I had to do to be successful. I can't thank her enough for helping me open my eyes and mind..." - Maira

"My first past-life regression session was amazing. You are really in the hands
of an angel!..."
- Gina Spallone

"I had some sessions with Nirmala to work on some of my issues with relaxation and control. I am very glad that I decided to work with her. I was impressed with her knowledge, compassion and empathy for others..." - Sue O

Empower Hypnotics and Wellness Center has been awarded the 2019 Best Businesses of Cary (Naturopathic/Holistic category) by the Best Businesses of Cary Award Program, for the fifth year in a row.


  • Reiki Attunement & Certification
    Reiki Attunement & Certification
    Are you passionate about empowering and enabling people to lead healthy, happy and purposeful lives? We are delighted to offer attunement, training and certification programs in Reiki Level 1 and 2. Become a Certified Practitioner, now!
  • Hypnosis Classes & Certification
    Hypnosis Classes & Certification
    Are you passionate about empowering and enabling people to lead healthy, happy and purposeful lives? We are delighted to offer training and certification programs in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. Become a Certified Practitioner, now!
  • Meditation Training & Classes
    Meditation Training & Classes
    Are you passionate about empowering and enabling people to lead healthy, happy and purposeful lives? We are delighted to offer training in Meditation. Become a Meditation Guru, now!


Meditation by the Beach


An ancient Indian yogic practice of being in a silent and reflective state of mind to achieve an altered state of calm awareness and inspired intuition, meditation may help you achieve mindfulness for success in life, and set you on a path of discovering your spiritual purpose...

Girl Reading

Akashic Records

Akasha (''Sky' for Sanskrit) symbolizes universal knowledge and wisdom, and  readings of Akashic records (an experiential body of knowledge about every thought, word and action of all beings in the universe) may provide you specific answers and information about your life problems and situations....

side view of calm young woman receiving


An ancient Japanese healing process where our bio-magnetic energy, or aura, is used to heal the mind, body and spirit holistically, Reiki may provide you with a clear perspective on various issues in your life, improve your health, increase your ability to bond with love, and find inner peace...

Close up woman hands with tarot cards. C

Oracle Readings

Angel Oracle and Realm card readings are considered divine guidance that help you connect to guardian angels, archangels and masters, in order to discover your true personality traits and talents, and to get inspired about matters relating to life purpose, love, career, health and spirituality...



A trance-like state of deep relaxation, heightened focus and increased concentration, hypnosis is a therapeutic tool that may help you access your subconscious mind to find solutions for physical healing, emotional re-balancing, mental clarity on life path goals, and holistic health...

Girl Sleeping

Dream Interpretations

Dreams, an integral part of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, give you important insights into your subconscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, desires and fears, through a variety of metaphors that might hold solutions for any issues affecting you physically and mentally... 


* Certified Hypnotherapist, International Association of Counselors and Therapists  


* Member, International Association of Reiki Professionals


* Advanced Meditation master


My name is Nirmala. It means 'tranquility' in Sanskrit. My journey toward alternate wellness and therapy wasn't an easy one.  Through the hard path of self-discovery,  I figured that my dream and purpose in life was to extend the benefits of alternate wellness systems that I had personally experienced. 

My efforts are a constant endeavor to combine diverse forms of alternate wellness systems to bring about positive and healthy changes in the lives of those around me.


We are located in Cary,  

North Carolina, USA

Online consultations
are also available.

Only in recent years has Alternate Health and Wellness opened up a realm of possibility
for those of you who haven't found help with modern medicine and health systems.

We understand you may have questions about our services.

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